Wild Poppies

Wild Poppies’ is my label for my designs and creations of handmade luxurious Corsets of high artisan quality to women of all demographics, size and structure. I focus on the need for attractive outerwear and underwear that can provide an elegant look and line of the female body. I mix my designs with the beauty of modern and historical techniques and silhouettes that have celebrated the female body for centuries.

‘Wild Poppies’ gives women a choice and selection of well fitting Corsets that are also beautiful and seductive.

A quality garment by using only the finest of fabrics, produced with a true craftsmanship.

All my corsets are handmade. Quality and care are my core values. I intend to bring back the notion of buying a future vintage garment that can live on for years to come. To have a Corset that is truly unique, of outstanding quality and a “one of a kind”.

Love of Corsets

As a historically trained Costume Designer and Maker for theatre and film, including the absolute fortune to work on the movie “Moulin Rouge”, where my love and passion for mixing historical with modern began, and my fascination with corsets.

The modern corset should be viewed as a supportive garment, not with the myth that they are uncomfortable. Because mine aren’t. I believe it is possible for every one to wear one, in my line I have developed corseted garments for the serious corset wearer and less serious corset wearer, for the women who wants the support without training.

My corset belts are created for women who don’t want to drastically change their shape but who love the feeling of a slightly smaller waist and supported stomach.

My under bust and over bust corsets are made to the clients desire and wishes.

I spent years developing and researching the right fit and materials, extending from the tight lacer to a beginner.